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Flowers and Boracay

These pretty flowers came from Dion. He gave it to me yesterday for our 13th month. It was such a pleasant surprise. He didn't even have work yesterday and suddenly I just saw him in the office carrying this beautiful bouquet.

I thought it was quite brave of him, considering that my desk was located at one of the far corners of the office, and his was near the entrance. Anyway, he's such a sweetie. I don't even know how he puts up with me. I'm probably the moodiest person that I know. He must love me. Haha!

I'm going to miss him. I'm going to Boracay tomorrow and I'll be there for five days. But, as much as I'm going to miss you, love, I'm so excited to go to Bora. I haven't been there since I was about 10 years old.

I'm really looking forward to seeing and experiencing the urbanized Boracay.

Being so excited, I bought two flipflops from Banana peel yesterday. Aren't they so cute!?! The pink and black one is mine, while the green and yellow one is my sister's.

I hope I don't get too dark. I'll soak myself with sunblock while I'm there. This is also so that Dion's relatives will like me. I'm going to Nueva Ecija with him next weekend to celebrate his aunt's birthday. Yikes! Meet the relatives! Wish me luck. Haha!

I'm so excited. I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow. I can't believe I'm on leave from work for FIVE days! Haha! Five days of no stress. Wee!

Alright, I have to go to bed (although I know I won't be able to sleep properly).


The Past Days in Pictures

This was taken earlier this week in Serendra. It reminds me of Christmas and how it still doesn't feel like Christmas even if it's already November.

This was taken the same day as the picture above in Bonifacio High Street. I feel like this is such a sentimental picture. Check out the lone guy, sitting.

Dion and I already bought our Twilight premiere tickets for November 25. And then I found out that I was planning an event for the same date. We returned our tickets. :'(

"Who would have ever thought,
when we first met,
that we'd end up feeling like this?

It's been an exciting, wonderful time
getting to know each other
and discovering the many beautiful things
we've been able to share.

I'm so glad the paths we were taking
happened to cross when they did,
because now you and I and our world
will never be the same."

I love you.


Here are some photos I took for Inquirer.net during my short internship with them. This was during the Senatorial campaigning and elections.





I also took a video for them. VIDEO

I really had a lot of fun during my internship with them. I got to see politicians and meet them. I got to understand how journalism works. It's all very intense and fast-paced. I liked taking photos for them. I used my digi-cam lang, but they really liked my photos, which, of course, I was very happy about. :)

This makes think about pursuing photography in some way. Hehe maybe someday. :)


For Aikle

When you are a 22-year old graduate with a master’s degree from one of the country’s top universities, you have your whole future ahead of you. You feel invincible and you’re blind to any possible hardships that you may face. Everyday you read of people whose lives have been changed drastically by cancer, but never did you think that it could happen to you. Never did you think that you’d be asked to fight such a difficult battle.

Cancer is often seen as a distant reality, one whose effects are never really felt or is never really understood until it happens to you or someone you know and deeply care about. Last October 3, 2008, we understood. John Aikle Cuevas, a graduate from the University of Asia and the Pacific, our batch mate, our classmate, and our friend was suddenly admitted into the hospital for an emergency blood transfusion. At a very young age of 22, with his whole life ahead of him, John Aikle Cuevas was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) - cancer.

John Aikle Cuevas, popularly known as Aikle, graduated last June 2008 with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. He was able to go to this notoriously expensive university solely by his own merit. For 5 years he was on the University’s scholarship program. Year after year, he was able to meet the high standards demanded by the University from its scholars. On top of this, he even managed to become part of the dean’s list on numerous occasions.

Aikle’s father works in a tire retreading shop in Cubao while his mother has a small sari-sari store. Being the eldest of 3, he is considered the breadwinner of the family. During his internship, while his classmates were spending their allowance on themselves, Aikle’s allowance went towards helping the family cope with their expenses. Whatever he had left for himself, he used it to treat his siblings on their birthdays for simple meals or a movie at the mall.

He never complained and he was never bitter about his situation. Where most people in his place would either crumble or surrender, Aikle only became stronger. He constantly has a smile across his face and has always been known as a genuinely considerate friend. He never forgets to pray and would always offer all his work for the greater glory of God.

Once tests are completed, chemotherapy for Aikle will begin as soon as possible. It is in this light that we humbly ask for your help.  We would like to ask for your assistance in raising funds for our friend Aikle. Any amount that you can give will go a long way towards his recovery and would truly mean a lot to him and his family.

You can give your donations directly to us, or through the following:

Aikle Cuevas Fund Box (c/o Vanessa Jimenez)

School of Communication Office

3rd Floor, CAS Building

University of Asia and the Pacific

Ortigas, Pasig City

BPI Savings Account

Account Number: 1899-1468-12

Account Name: Edgardo P. Gonzales Jr.

When treated properly, 50 – 75% of adult AML patients experience complete remission of the disease. With your prayers and your donations, let us make Aikle part of that 50-75%. Together, let us all help Aikle overcome the biggest fight of his life. Let us make him know that he’s not in this fight alone.


Class of SCL / SDL

Integrated Marketing Communications

Batch 2007 & 2008

One Bigger Fight

This is a blog written about a blockmate of mine, Aikle Cuevas. He is currently battling cancer.

Please include him in your prayers.

I just want to share with you guys a blog by our director in maynilad study center, Paul Argamosa, about our friend Aikle.

One Bigger Fight

Sorry but this is not about the fabled rivalry between Taft and Katipunan Avenues, which in the last championship game, erupted into accusations of dirty fingers and apologies over 'name-burning- at-the-stakes' .
This fight is more personal, more real, more deadly. It’s a fight against the big C.

I’ve never given much attention to cancer before, although I’ve had relatives who succumbed to it. I know that more people worldwide die of preventable diseases, like malaria, dysentery, cholera. Or accidents on the road. But then again, cancer has acquired a special specter. It’s like a hooded villain who suddenly steps into your home and lives with you, wreaks your finances and family time, one hour at a time. Of course, it’s not that bleak always. Many families attest they have grown closer together because of their sick loved one. They became more supernatural, more understanding, despite being drained emotionally, physically, financially.

I never really felt a ‘blow from the news’ of someone’s cancer, until Friday last week when a good friend, a young one, needed blood for an emergency transfusion. He was diagnosed the night before with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

I’ve know John for a good six or seven years since he entered college. We came from the same high school so an immediate bond was established. He was very thin, dark, with bright eyes and even brighter teeth. He was on scholarship since their family was so poor his lunch baon would be chips and, when lucky, leftovers from previous night’s supper. One time we invited him to dinner. We had soup of potatoes and little ground meat and viand. He put rice on his soup. When soup was finished and the viand was being passed around, he exclaimed pleasant surprise! He thought the soup was the viand. It struck to my mind because he looked very happy! His clothes would either be ill-fitting, ill-matched, or downright worn out. For a long time he never discarded his black formal pants that was 2 sizes bigger. I still remember his maong: stone-washed, and super worn out at the bottom. From his account they live in a squatter’s area and are always given demolition

His dire straits never affected his academics and friendships. His poverty is real, but it was never miserable. He was always smiling and even very generous with his laughter. He is very prayerful. He is never boisterous. His features are a lightning rod for heckling and mockery, but he never made use of them to attract attention to himself. He was, and still is, very good in basketball. Give him 2-3 more inches in height and he could rival Chris Tiu. I bet Tiu.

He is always game to play basketball. If he didn’t bring any sports clothes, he would borrow. It’s amazing to see a dark, thin, frail body packed with nuclear energy unleashed on the court.

He wasn’t born bright, so he studied really hard, often landing in the dean’s list. He took up marketing because it offered a clear job after graduation. And in their internship year they are given a little allowance that’s like manna for his parents. He is the oldest of 3. His father works in retreading of tires. His mom has a small sarisari store. John’s working now in a chemical company making household medical products, and owned by an alumnus of the same school. And yes, he is the breadwinner.

When we visited him, several friends were there in the hospital. He was wearing a mask, but the same smiling, mischievous eyes were there. The blood drip was boringly slow, but the atmosphere inside the room was energetic. Kwento, kantyawan (Ang puti natin ah!!). The good times were back. His mom entered the room, brief introductions were made, but his mom didn’t want to look at us. For a good reason. I noticed that her eyes bulged and looked tired (later, when his mom went out, John told me his mom cried the whole night). I don’t know if John also cried. I’m sure he would have instead, consoled his mom a lot.

Chemo will begin as soon as possible. We plan to organize some fundraising activities to pay off some treatments. Always ready to play, John has stepped into the ring for his one big fight. And he won’t be fighting alone.

Please go to www.leukemia. org for more information.

The UA&P Student

By Gibby Gores

We are not necessarily Opus Dei, Catholic, Protestant, or Moslem.

We do not travel in packs.

We do not usually carry Louis Vuittons and Pradas.

We know how to ride the MRT.

We have seen jeepneys.

We don’t think that Iloilo does not have electricity.

We don't have bodyguards escorting us to our classrooms.

We have scholars, too.

We can wear corporate and casual and still maintain the elegance in both.

We can do more than theater.

Some of us have passed Ateneo, La Salle, or UP.

Some of us went to UA&P as first choice.

We do not go to rallies but we can calculate how much rallies cost, economically and politically.

We know Dante Alighieri.

We drink and so did Nick Joaquin and Charles Bukowski.

We smoke and so did TS Eliot and Jean Paul Sartre.

We can recite the Compendium of the Catholic Church. 

We can spend our money on frappes and macchiattos because, dammit, we CAN. 

We don’t necessarily make tusok-tusok the fishballs or make para the jeep. 

We hate our fellow students who bring their Jaguars/BMWs/Cadillacs to school every frickin' day.

We can cross the street. (HELLO, PEARL DRIVE. 'Nuff said.)

We aren’t all Koreans, Chinese, German, or Swiss.

We don't necessarily do drugs... all the time.



We are proud of more than just our bathrooms. 

Yes, we are all good-looking. And, we can say that without sounding so frickin' pretentious.


So This is Love

Today marks our 7th month. :) I couldn't believe it when it struck 12 and October finally arrived. It's actually been seven months! :D

It wasn't the perfect day. Yesterday wasn't perfect either. But that's over and done with. We're okay na. Resurfaced and better than ever. Stronger.

I can't imagine being with anyone else. He understands me in so many ways that no one else can. I can tell him anything and not feel stupid (although, of course, sometimes I still do hehe). I can be me around him (as I should). And, as cliche as this may sound, he makes me want to be better at everything.

There are so many other reasons, but there are not enough words to describe how much and what I feel for him.

Happy 7th, love!
Seven down... ♥